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Montreal aims to boost affordable housing as rental market tightens

CBC News

Proposed rules are designed to make living in the city easier, but developers have concerns

The City of Montreal's new housing rules will compel developers to build social and affordable housing, or contribute to a fund that will finance social housing if they don't.

The regulations were adopted by the city's executive committee Wednesday. Mayor Valérie Plante wants the rules, which still need to be approved by council and go through a public consultation, to be in effect by Jan. 1, 2021.

"We're going to create [many] more options for Montrealers," Plante said.

The bylaw generally requires contractors to enter into an agreement with the city whereby they:

  • commit to contributing a certain number of affordable and social housing units.

  • commit to building family housing (three-bedroom units) in their projects.

  • give land to the city for social housing.

  • make a financial contribution to a fund that would finance social and community housing.

The rules will apply to residential projects of five units or more.

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